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I spent close to 20 years of my life working professionally as a music pastor in the church. Ironically, now I get the privilege of coaching leaders…who many of them happen to be pastors. 

I loved everything about what I did.  The rush and excitement of the weekly services.  I absolutely love seeing people finding hope.  I think everyone deserves the opportunity to experience hope.

Even as a recording artist, Ive experienced things that are incredible memories.  

There is so much good there.  

But to be honest with you.  There is also a lot of hurt.  Hurt that has been healed up…but hurt none the less. 

I spent a significant amount of my time being surrounded by hundreds of people.  I was with hundreds of people but completely alone.

The majority of the relationships that I chose to occupy my time… only had value because they needed something from me.  

My phone would ring because someone needed something from me.

Someone would show up because they needed something from me.

I was a necessary ends to a means

I was a commodity…and even worse…I chose that.  And I didn’t even know anything different or better.

There was something that was missing.  For some reason, I needed to be needed in order to feel like I had purpose.  

My life took a pretty drastic turn at the end of 2017.  Everything changed.  

It was painful……but everything changed for the better.  


I had some friends show up…Rafael, Chris, Bart, Terry

…These guys would show up and they didn’t need anything from me and to be honest with you…I didn’t even know what to do with it.  I didn’t know how to be present in the moment.  I didn’t know how to receive kindness.  

This was a huge eye opening experience and I am completely grateful to have experienced it.  

In reflection, I realized that I had become a commodity and i really didn’t know anything different.  

Leaders who become commodity’s will eventually lead people who in turn are commodities.  

“Leaders who become commodities will eventually, in turn, lead people who are commodities.”

Michael King –

Leaders who are commodities…will lead people because they only want something from them.

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Here are a few simple things to start shifting your internal value system programming. These are simple disciplines that can bring out the better version of you and you team. 

  1. If you FEEL like a commodity…prioritize finding relationships in which they don’t need anything from you.  ‘
  2. Find relationships in which you can experience life together.  
    You don’t have to be ON all the time.  You deserve the opportunity to have transparent honest relationships that simply value you because you are you.  You actually deserve that.

If you are a leader…and you might be getting a sense that you lead this way…Take some time to show up in your teams life without an agenda or a reason.  Small daily practices of sending a text message to check in…dropping off a coffee…or taking someone to a basketball game can make the biggest difference in someones view of themselves.

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Until next time.  

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