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As I sit here, reflecting on my daughter Chloe’s high school graduation today, I find myself caught between two worlds. On one hand, I am filled with pride and joy for everything Chloe has accomplished. On the other, I can’t help but feel the weight of time, thinking about what has been lost and what we may never experience again. It’s a peculiar position to be in, one that many of us find ourselves in as we grow older.

Chloe is stepping into a new season of anticipation and looking to the future. She embodies hope and vision, and it’s a reminder of how essential these qualities are at any stage in life. This got me thinking about how, as we age, we often tend to lament on things we’ve lost or will lose, rather than focusing on what’s ahead. But today, I want to remind everyone—including myself—that hope is an engine. It’s the driving force that keeps us moving forward, no matter the circumstances.

Celebrating Chloe’s Journey

Chloe has always been someone who sees a problem and thinks, “How can I solve this?” A few years ago, on a family vacation to Hawaii, I brought a drone to capture some scenic footage. Unbeknownst to me, flying a drone off the side of a volcano would result in a loss of GPS coordination, leading it straight into the volcanic rock. Without hesitation, Chloe decided to hunt for the drone. She climbed the side of the volcano until a passerby warned us about wild pigs in the area. At that point, we decided to abandon the mission. Classic Chloe—always determined to find a solution.

This same problem-solving spirit emerged when Chloe discovered her love for aviation. She saw a path and pursued it, just as she did when she earned her spot on the tennis team, played drums in the jazz band, and marched with the band. Chloe sees opportunities and seizes them, often driven by her desire to be with and serve others.

The Engine of Hope and Vision

As parents, we often measure our success by our children’s ability to dream and pursue what’s in their hearts. I’ve made my share of mistakes as a dad, and I have regrets. But what keeps my heart in a good space is knowing that my kids have the ability to dream and pursue those dreams.

This sentiment extends beyond family to my role as a leader. How well are my team and clients dreaming? Are they brave enough to pursue their dreams? Do they feel safe enough to do so? Hope and vision are engines. Keeping this engine healthy and running is crucial for both personal and professional fulfillment.

Looking Forward

In leadership, it’s easy to get bogged down by past failures or missed opportunities. But focusing on what we’ve lost or what we’ll never experience again can cloud our vision for the future. Instead, let’s celebrate our journey and, more importantly, look ahead with hope and vision.

Here’s to keeping our hearts and minds focused on the possibilities that lie ahead, just like Chloe. Let’s embrace the power of hope and vision, not just for ourselves but for everyone we lead and influence.

Remember, the future is where our dreams reside. Keep that engine running strong.

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